Sunday, March 01, 2009

The Last For Awhile...

Well first show yesterday was a tiny crowd again
However the 6:00 and 8:30 shows both had decent crowds
Maybe half a house, and a three quarter house
Jai was acting up in the third show like the other day
I wish I could figure out what she is seeing or hearing to flip her out
She did do all her behaviors though

We had the last late night Bar-B-Q at America's Own Grill and Dispensary
No more multi day stands for the next 18 or 19 days
Our grill was competing with a birthday party as well
So some folks went back and forth between the two
We did have some hilarious hi jinks, and some clown chicanery as is evident in the video below
It will be a heart breaker to end the three and four day stands in the valley
But we knew it wouldn't last
Plus the last couple towns have been kinda inconsistent
Maybe the promoter dropped the ball at the end
The location on this one has really hurt us
Rite off a highway but you don't see it till you have passed the exit
Then you have to brave construction to from the frontage road onto the lot
Maybe getting back to the one days and KM promotions will do us some good

These photos are for my loving sis-inlaw
Who sent me these jackets that now bedazzle the KM ring

I will get a couple pics in the white jacket and the black jacket soon Lauren
I think the white is my favorite so far
The blue will fit better once I shake a few inches off the waist

"Look at ya, take a look in the mirror, tell me what you see,
another satisfied customer at the front of the line for the American dream"


Anonymous said...

Lauren Does wonderful work....not bad for a carny chick 8-) ~Adam

Anonymous said...

I made that jacket at the height of my circus career....before I became a glad they look so good on you....


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