Monday, March 02, 2009


I sometimes forget how blessed I am as far as the animals I own goes
I have some of the best tigers on earth
I rarely have any problems with aggression
And I haven't ever had a fight with this group that need anything other then a shout to defuse
Some of that is luck, and some of that is their environment and training

I have an exceptional cat named Kali who has the greatest personality of any predator I have known.
She goes miles to avoid altercations
Gives up space rather then fight for it
But not submissive to the point of feeling defensive all the time
Anyway,,,,,,I was going somewhere with this
Today in the exercise pen Shonti the cub was wanting to play
I don't allow playing with me now
So we tried an introduction with Kali
Closely watching for anything that could be a problem
Here is some footage from their first minutes together

Now keep in mind I am standing 10 feet away
And these cats have been side by side "getting to know" each other for a month now
As is always the case with Kali she was very tolerant of the situation
She always comes through for me
She has also punctured my skin more times then any of the others
Always my fault
But just the same she has


Adaline said...

We are all blessed by your care of them.

Tejano said...

Enjoy reading your and Steve's blog on circus life. Sorry to have missed your show in McAllen.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thank you Adaline...

If you are in the valley, how could you miss it???

Dick Flint said...

Your blog has been just great, sharing with us your progress and respect for the animals with which you work. I think we all look forward to watching Shonti grow up this season.

Can't wait to see you and Natalie when you get to Maryland. I'll make sure teh corner store by the lot restocks its supply of Circus Boy beer though it may have been a limited edition production. Best to you both and hope Natalie is doing well.

Dick Flint

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