Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Valley...

Well goodbye Los Fresnos
It was short and kinda sweet
Last nights crowds were smaller then the first day
Odd for a two day stand, it should get bigger the second night
Probably less then a half a house both shows
Then to avoid traffic we loaded up and moved to McAllen last night
I am digging both acts being in the first half of the show
My loading system is much better this year as well
We were pulling off the lot about the time intermission started
And on the next lot before the show had gotten over
Unloaded the cats, put up the fence, Bar-B-Qued supper and was in bed before the first show truck rolled in.

I remember this lot oh so well from being with the Gopher
I have probably shown here 10 times in the last 10 years
Sometimes twice a winter
This is the lot we were on when the cards came tumbling down on the Gophers tickets.
I was interrogated by the Attorney General rite here in a room at the ZONE amusment park.
Bad day...

I do remember having a blast on this lot in the past though
Also had my biggest day with an elephant ride on a mud show here
Maybe 7 or 8 years ago

Need some coffee, and I think the is a Starbucks in this strip mall...

"Every time I turn around, the mans trying to get me down,
I just can't see your face,
Blinded by the sun, livin on the run, and I can't remember this place"
R. Bingham

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