Thursday, February 19, 2009


Well opening night here was for city employees
Not a huge crowd,,uh,,,maybe half a house for a 7 o'clock show
Something freaked Jai (one of the tigers) smooth out during the act
She had to exit earlier then normal
I am leaning toward her being scared by the smell of Shonti in the arena
I had Shonti in there most of the afternoon playing
Anyway, she was scared and bug eyed and rather then force the issue
I sent her out.
Practice today will tell the whole tale

Had a Bar-B-Q after the show Danny, Tavana, Moss Family, and Courtney the new aerialist

Good Times...
Good Times...

Two shows today 6 & 8:30
So come on out if you are near McAllen TX.
I however do not suggest crossing the border to Reyanosa
Which was my favorite frontier town
The drug cartel and federales had a gun battle two days ago
They even fired some Bazookas....
Who the F&^% shoots bazookas???? LOL

Be safe
Stay in the states...

"So I'm headed for the nearest foreign border,
Vancouver might be just my kinda town,
Cause they ain't got the kind of law and order,
That tends to keep a good man underground"
G. Parsons


robbie said...

What up playa

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Julio...Hows the desert?
Make sure you catch C&M this spring they are coming to Wickenburg.

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