Monday, February 16, 2009

Ok So The Video Isn't Working...

I have no idea why
Will work on getting it straight later

Now on to blog bashing......just kidding
I would however like to point out some of the great things here on Kelly Miller
And also look at some minor circus history

First off the show seems pretty strong to me this year
We open with...thats opening
This consists of the two new clowns Steve Copeland and Ryan Combs doing a very good warm up of the crowd. The crowds have been very good, so the warm up has been fantastic. Time and a couple of blank crowds will tell how these two respond to silence. After a short warm up to excellent music, a fanfare plays and four scantily clad showgirls enter the front of the ring followed by John Moss the ringmaster. They all do a little TA DA-ing and John Welcomes everyone to the show. At this time the tigers are also hopping into the arena and onto their seats. John then announces the cat act and they all funnel out the back.

Cat act is me...
So we all know it is great...

Next we have a peanut pitch that runs about a minute and a half while we tear down the cat arena.

Second Act
Steve and Ryan do a sink gag. This is a great gag, with real clowns using real big clown props. I can't stand clowns as a rule (Bad clowns with whistles has become the norm it seems) but this even got a few chuckles from me.

Third Act
The Armando Loyal Riders. Big bareback act with six riders and three or four horses. They do some pyramids some solo riding and of course the comedy of taking a shill out of the crowd. The role of Ms. Fulton (audience member) is played by Josie, Armando's sister. She plays the part very well.

Now is a brief color book pitch while the ring mat is spread and the dog props are placed,,maybe.....45 seconds...

Fourth act
Natalies American Eskimos. Natalie is pregnant as most of you know, so for now I am working the dogs while we are teaching a girl to work them. The new girl is coming along great and will probably start this week, at which time I will reveal her name.

Fifth act
This week it is Pat Davison doing his juggling, which will be replaced next week by the Fusco brothers Juggling. Both of which are better then average juggling acts. I will add that I think the Fusco twins have the best juggling act working today.

Six act
Is an aerial production made to some what resemble the production in the movie "The Greatest Show On Earth" Working to the same tune, with grass hula skirts and dancing. Rigging problems have caused us to lose a couple web girls for now. I believe it will be six webs when all is worked out.


Seventh act
The Flying Fernandes. Three flyers, great wardrobe, and a triple.

Eighth act
Steve and Ryan do some sort of run around zaney buffoonery while the net is sloughed

Ninth act
This week we have a hula hoop act here from Pat Davison's daughter. Next week I assume it will be the Fusco Gaucho act.

Tenth act
The Kelly Miller Elphants. Presented by Armando Loyal, and three matching showgirl riders. The act is looking good this year and even has a handstand elephant.

Eleventh act
Fridman Torales Rolla Bolla.

A salute to the old west. Couple guys come in popping whips and the rest of the cast walks in with cowboy hats, spinning ropes, or flags.

The show is running around two hours with a twenty five to thirty minute intermission rite now.

That is a complete run down of the acts carried this season. Now there has been debate on some other blogs as to the quality of the show this year. I am compelled to quash that. There are two brief pitches in the show that apparently irritate a certain theater critic. I realize that most theater shows do not use pitches. I also realize Circuses have had pitches since the beginning. It would seem odd that after criticizing circuses for as many years as said critic has,,,,none have listened and cut the pitches. Strange is it not? I mean he IS a FAN....he must KNOW what is BEST for show business....thats his name for god's sake. I personally think the pitches do nothing more then cover a few seconds of the show where nothing can happen, due to rigging and what not. I also understand that Soliel and BAC do not have pitches in their show....great.....I would advise buying a ticket to their show if that floats your boat. I feel that after seeing an act as strong as my cat act (Self serving plug) the crowd is more then happy to listen to a spiel about peanuts while the prop boys get all that SH#@ out of the ring, because they assume the next act will be pretty strong as well. Just my thoughts,,,,not endorsed or sponsored by anyone or entity. In other words....NO HIDDEN AGENDA!!

Ask anyone on the show and they will surely say I am a cynical, jaded circus performer, who has to answer honestly when asked about the show. That said, I have seen it,,and Rice-a-Roni I believe has not.

As far as the quality of the acts as referred to on that blog by a disgruntled show bum. I have not seen them all, but what I have watched is A-1. Wardrobe is not garden variety mudshow hash. Someone....I do not know who...worked hard on making nice showgirl wardrobe for the girls.

As far as Captain JRN II and his showmanship. I will point that in an era where most shows are cutting costs and playing it safe, this man seems to believe in making a show that people will remember and come back to see next year. Everything here is under priced from the admission to the concessions. And we leave a great taste in the peoples mouths to go see a circus when one comes to town. Good rolling stock all painted up like show trucks. Good animal care. And friendly people who for the most part get along, even the ones who don't like each other. So unless someone who has done more would like to critique him, we will leave it at that.

"Calling all cars...yeah come in where ever you are,
Better call up somebodies momma and break her heart"
M McClure

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