Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Los Fresnos...

Had about 3/4 of a house both shows yesterday.
Which would seem greater had we not just come off the best opening date in Kelly Miller Circus history.
I forgot somehow that the wind is never ending here in the valley
We have the tiger tent up for shade (Hot down here as well) and it is a constant struggle to keep it up.
Shonti is adapting well to the new environment. Not balking away from bright red show trucks any more.
Walks rite into the big top and hops up on the seats while we are on our daily walks.
Georgia is digging being back in the "Circus School". I think having only done an hour of school a day last year on the show, made the transition to seven hours at public school more difficult.
Had a great BarB-Q last night with Danny & Tavana, The Davison family, and the clowns. Mostly sitting around telling lies and what not till about two in the morning. We are surely getting spoiled with all the multi-day stands here in the valley. Life will be a little rougher when we start knocking down the stretches of one nighters.

"Birds of a feather man they tend to stick together
Some like to pick apart your dreams,
It's hard to feel like some beat up scarecrow
Out in a pasture fallin apart at the seams"
M McClure

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