Monday, January 19, 2009

Whoa Whoa...

So Georgia brought home a flier Friday from school.
It was all about the assembly they are having this week involving tigers.

As you could guess, I was interested
Well the flier says little about "what" the assembly would include
It does however include a full page order form for a photo op
With a cat on a leash, that judging by the pictures, weighs about 100lbs

I know
What The FU@&!!!
People this is wrong on so many levels
First off, who the hell are these people with the cats?
I am sure someone checked up on them,,,,but who were they, what did they know?
Choctaw County OK. is one of the poorest counties in the US
It seems odd someone thought it was a good idea to send a flier
Promoting a $24 picture with a tiger home with kids, leading
The parents to believe their child will feel some sort of peer pressure
If they don't sit up there with the rest of their friends
Public contact with tigers is WRONG!!
It is bad for the tiger if you do it when they are young enough to not be dangerous
It is stupid to do it after they aren't
I am not some Animal Rights Radical
I train these animals for a living people
Unless it is in a glass box (which is not what the photos in flier show)
Some of my diciest moments have been with cats the size of the one in this flier

Needless to say
Georgia won't be getting her picture taken
And I plan to attend the "educational" assembly
I will keep my mouth closed if possible
I just have to ask myself "who" thought this was ok?

I was probably stumblin down some back alley in Amsterdam
While you were makin excuses and breakin another heart
Or maybe I was drinkin wine with pigeons on the square in Venice
Wonderin what you were doin and wonderin where you are


Margaret said...

Casey....I wouldn't wait till picture day,and I wouldn't keep my mouth shut if I were you..You need to go to the office and complain right away..maybe whom ever set this up just doesn't know any better..I imagine who ever is bringing the cats there,and collecting the $24.00 dollars,is the one who told the school how safe(?) it is....I'm sure if you went and explained the facts to the school,they will cancell this photo session..I know you won't let your daughter do something so stupid,but you will feel bad if you at least don't speak up and something happens to another child..The other parents don't have the experince that you do,and may believe it's ok,because the school is allowing it..

Steve said...

Casey - none of my business I know, but Margaret is right. How would you feel?????

And, if something bad does go down won't it be yet another nail in the coffin of our business?

Do you know these tiger people?

Are they fair dinkum?

Does the school know if they are insured just in case the worst happens?

Schools [at least in this country] are run by well meaning but unworldly people. Their knowledge of tigers would have come from cartoons. They will see this as great for the kids of Choctaw County. The rest of us see it as a possible disaster just looking for a place to happen.

Just my thoughts.


cwdancinfool said...

Casey - That is just insane. I agree with the other 2. Don't keep your mouth closed. Go to the school before and do some educating.


Adaline said...

I've got to chime in and agree...don't wait. Has the school district or board approved this?
I'll never forget the photo op at Six Flags when the woman stumbled on the platform. This simply triggered the tiger to be a tiger and it lept on her. Chain? What chain? Even Charly Baumann stopped walking a tiger on a chain in 74.

Congratulations on the blog!

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