Monday, January 19, 2009


So I was going through boxes of stuff
Stuff I go through every winter while we are home
Then put it all back in the same box and say
"I may want that someday"

I did find about 10 copies of a magazine called Phoenix
I almost threw them away until I remembered why I had them
Back when C&M wintered in PHX I took the elephants for a fashion shoot
It was a desperate day for the photographer cause he used me as a model

What the hell was he thinking,,,,LOL

Brought back alot of memories of life in the desert
Good times...Good times
Driving all over the city with BJ trying to win money shooting pool
Life was good
Not better
Just different


Anonymous said...

Hambone,Q & Brew,Northern Lounge,Kitty's,Charley's Place,Alexander's,Main Street Billiards,Click's,Pappy's,Famous Sam's,Kolby's,Golden Cue,Sixshooters,Pinky's,New York West,Desert Flame,LazyR'us....etc-BJ

B.E.Trumble said...

Fire picture is pretty incredible.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Was Pappy's the place way over by Bell Ave.? There was a Pinky's over there somewhere too? We should break out the Pechauer's and find a place with a tourney around here.

I dug the pictures. The gig was cool too, because a couple weeks later I took the elephants to the Gerber (baby food empire) Estate for a party and they had hired the latina model to meet and greet out front where the elephants were stationed. The down side was, it was shot clear on the other side of town at dawn. This meant loading the elephants at about 3:00 AM without a bath to go do it.

Anonymous said...

Pappy's was 19th ave and Cactus, Pinkey's was on Bell. Both Pinky's are out of business. There was another place on Bell near there, but can't remember the name. I still have the hand written records of every tournament I played in. One winter I played 111 tournaments. I also have a stack of score sheets written on cocktail napkins from when we played each other.-BJ

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