Sunday, January 04, 2009

Happy New Year Peoples...

Been lazy about the blog
Been lazy bout alot lately
Haven't even been practicing lately
Been fighting a cold for what seems like a month, prolly only a week
Had a great holiday season
Georgia cashed in on presents this year
Thanks to everyone!
Ate like a hog and prolly gained ten pounds
Getting closer to opening gonna have to do something about the gut soon

Or buy fat guy wardrobe....

No I will workout...

Here is a video from a few days back hope you dig it


Mireille said...

Your workout, Is coming along glad to see it.
keep up the wonderful good job,
sincerely Mireille.
ps. Agree with Will Rogers LOL.

Anonymous said...

Shaner may have some wardrobe for sale.-BJ

jody said...

Hi Casey,
Hope you get over your cold soon. It seems that stuff is going around.
Thanks for posting the video. If you ever get near San Antonio area I'd love to see your act and actually meet you/family.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

We are actually opening in the Rio Grande Valley in a few weeks then working our way up near San Antone after. If you'd like send me an email @ and I will send you some route for the area. I can also let you know when I am playing my guitar in New Braunfels or near there. Should be again in the next few weeks.

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