Monday, November 03, 2008


These two videos are of two different cats doing the same trick differently. While discussing them with my "coach" last night he liked one better and I like the other. I am now curious what others think is the better of the two. So watch the two videos and please comment on your favorite. Your input is appreciated. Both cats have been at this about the same amount of time roughly four months.

This is Jai

This is Kali


Steve said...

From a lion man who has only trained 4 tigers in his life I go for Jai - more in control. The speed and fluidity will come.

Dick Dykes said...

Since I'n not a cat trainer, that must be taken into consideration, I've got to go with #2 Kali. By the way thanks for the comment on my blog. Tell Natalie I said Hi.

Dick Flint said...

Jai seems more controlled (obedient) but the jumps are not as high. Kali takes bigger, showiery jumps but seems to favor her right leg in a slight sideways jump (or is this to face you since you seem to be to one side?—to avoid her big forward jumps?). I don’t like her too prompt exit—she deserves the applause since she’s now doing the work! Is the difference in jumps due to leg strength, length of practicing, or hesitancy/confidence of the animal at this stage of practice? I don’t think I’ll choose one over the other until I have comments on my comments. While the styles are different, with time will they mesh together so Jai and Kali can do this in tandem?
Boy, big changes next year in both your human and animal families! Congratulations to all!
Dick Flint

Wayne said...

#2 Kali is way more exciting. She looks like she is jumping higher.

OH yeah
Hood actually wrote Self Destructive Zones

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you remember me but I knew you when you lived in Ramona with Nancy. I am in L.A. still, I work at Universal Studio with the animal demo. I found your blog by searching your name cause someone told me you were making music now. I like the tiger act where are the elephants? Well my vote is for the tiger Kali she seems much more ferocious when she is jumping toward you. Take care.

DanTheBooker said...

Mr. Flint, one must consider this is practice, and that a showman of Mr. McCoy's stature would surely emphasis the difficulty of this trick by allowing either cat to basque in much deserved praise both from him and the crowd.

Casey, My vote is for Kali. Just seems more showy and in control.


Anonymous said...


Jai. is very good for the public's, they can see her well,and easy.
Kali. is also very good. but fast. they mite miss it.
my opinion ....
would be to do it together. around the cage...
Jai. in the inside, and Kali. on the outside.
try it. it would really,great.

Steve said...

So when do you get to tell us which one of you guys prefers which cat???

Dick Flint said...

Creative goal and good luck with the four tigers! And to Dan the Booker: the exclamation point at the end of my earlier comment meant I was just having some fun teasing Casey! I co recognize that what we are seeing is very early in the game and a lot of patient work continues to bring all this together. Thanks from all of us followers of your blog, Casey, for sharing this incredible evolution on the development of a new routine. We are able to see, learn, and understand so much! Its a rare privilege you are giving to us.
Dick Flint

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