Saturday, November 01, 2008

Amarilllo Highway...

Well we are on the last stretch of the season here
We drove 320 miles from Ardmore OK to Amarillo yesterday
Two days before we drove 310 from Eureka KS to Ardmore
The road really does go on for ever
And the party never ends

It is nice to be back in Texas

Nat went home to see her doc in Paris from Ardmore
All went well, and we are EXPECTING in April!!!
We are very excited and the doc says everything is good

Had alot of circus folks visiting from Hugo
Was great to see them all

Cause I'm panhandlin',man handlin'
Post holin', high rollin', dust bowlin' daddy
Aint got no blood in my veins
Just got these four lanes
Of hard Amarillo Highway
T. Allen


Margaret said...

That is wonderfull news Casey..Congratulations( although I think you had the easy part in this..LOL..)

Anonymous said...

Did you see Thomas Austin Preston Jr. -AKA- Amarillo Slim while you were in town ? -BJ

Anonymous said...

Do you have a phone# or email for Bob Kellogg? -BJ

dpowhitetiger said...

Congradulations on the pending April Birth..Maybe it will be April 12th then we can celebrate my birthday too. Its been great following your K-M Tiger training sessions this season...Keep up the good work and I will be looking for The Great Casey McCoy Cainan Enlarged Show next season..The Very Best...D.P.WhiteTiger

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

No I have lost track of him. Last I heard he was living near the Tumey ranch in CA. Filmore maybe? And no didn't run across Amarillo Slim, thank god, it's the end of the season he might have beat me outta my savings some how.

Thanks Margret, and D. P.
Dave our daughter Georgias birthday is 4-14, and oddly enough that is this ones due date. But you never know the 12th is real close,lol

Steve said...

Congrats on the good news Casey and Natalie from Australia.

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