Monday, October 13, 2008


I have taken all the props except the seats and the hoop.
I like it
Has a good flow
And I do believe people have seen enough pyramids and fire hoops
I plan to add the fire again, only knelt down between seat pedastals

Angels played 8 ball in the back of the bar
I bet on my soul to come rollin out my heart
It ain't gonna happen, it's goin off at 99 to 1
Need to find myself another place to run
M. McClure


Wade G. Burck said...

Great idea. Where did you come up with it?
Wade Burck

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Well, I had been hearing for years about the "boring" Marcan act with no props, and have had an interest since. When whoever would tell me about the tricks in the "boring" act I had a very tough time accepting it was boring. The after picking your brain on tricks that didn't involve props, I finally had 10 good tricks that needed no props. Though it in no way compares the the good Doctor's act, I hope he notes that years later someone appreciated it.

mike swain said...

Great idea, So when are you switchin to the square arena? Do you have to tip less now?

DanTheBooker said...

Casey, a couple things from a guy who's opinion doesn't count.

I think it's a great idea, I could name a few acts who's cages look cluttered with props.

But may I ask ehy only the half cage, is it more to accomadate the opening? or more for the act after you, or both? Do you like it or would you rather have the full cage? If you don't mind me asking?


Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Of course you can ask. How many panels at 5ft would make it a full arena? How many panels are in this arena? You must know the answers, somehow. To answer why,,,,this is the arena I have used since Jan. of 07, and it has served well.

Dick Flint said...

I much prefer your new arrangement! With your smaller-than-"standard" diameter cage, fewer props create less clutter enabling the audience to better see the animals. Also, you probably spend more time now presenting the animals than moving props.
When I first saw cat acts nearly 50 years ago, a single rollover was a big deal, then came 3, 4, and more cats doing it. Guess you'll be starting 2, then 3 or more doing the hind leg. Nice addition.
Glad you'll be back on K-M next year. Looking forward to seeing all of you over some more Circus Boy beer.
Best to you and Natalie,
Dick Flint

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks Dick,
We have yet to find Circus Boy beer since we left MA. Also, because of the cold weather setting in America's Own bar and grill has been rather slow lately. We were just thinking about how much after show social time there was in the summer and how everyone heads straight to their trailers now in the fall.

Also Dick,
Nat wanted your address to send something, if you could email it to

Wade G. Burck said...

Were you the one who took a shot at the anonymous on the "history channel" for whacking Ringling? I sent a comment, but it took a surface to air missile, and flamed out. LOL
As you are a fan of the big cage your comments are valid, but the reason I suggested it to Casey is that it has been my feeling for many years, that one of the reasons cage acts have become rather lifeless and uninteresting to the public, is that they use props which are used over and over to train the same behaviors. With out the crutch of a prop, you should be motivated to come up with different, possibly more exciting behaviors. When was the last time you saw an elephant sit up on a tub is a good example. If you have a pedestals in the cage you have no option except to sit something up on it again, or jump something across. If you have a barrel something rolls it. We were going to take the props out of Adams act last year, but as you know there is a "deciding" vote in that arrangement that is pretty tradition bound, and gags at any suggestion of change, so his just sit there and are not used. LOL
Marcan took all the props out of an act in the 90's and came up with some fabulous behaviors. Trainers loved the act, but fan's expressed that it was "boring". I think what it was, was a lot of what he did was beyond any comprehension of what they had seen for 50 years, and they just didn't understand or get it. It is about change, and not being afraid to do something different. You and I both know that is what made the Charlys,the Gunthers, and the Wolfgangs stand above the rest.

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