Friday, October 10, 2008

Blues City...

Coming into the St. Louis area starting today.
Some of the best blues music I have heard comes from there
which includes my amigos The BUBG
or Bottoms Up Blues Gang

Have some friends around here,
hoping they will make some of the shows

You know who you are...
If you need some route email

If you aren't my friend
But want to see a great show
Leave a comment, and I will give you some dates

Just less then 5 weeks left in the season
Can't wait to get home to Paris
Been a great year, but a long one just the same

I didnt say a word all the way to my car
But alittle later on that night at the bar
I was tellin everyone how strange my day had been
They said brother all you need is another shot
So I through one down and said well thanks alot
As I thought to myself, oh here we go again
It's been a long,,,,long,,,long, long year
T. Snider

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mike swain said...

I hear Kelly Miller has a great elephant act, To go along with great performance.

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