Saturday, October 18, 2008

Last Part Of Act


Anonymous said...

Vegas Vegas Vegas, right after I vote on November 4th. As a registered voter in Choctaw County, I feel it's my duty to stay here and vote. Democrat of course. That guy that lives two doors down has a sign up in his yard for the republican candidates. Thats OK Jeff needs to relieve himself somewhere.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

If you want to waste a vote on the losers side, great. I'll be back around the 12th. You didn't sign your name BJ but I feel confident it is you (I assume Rawls has the signage up for the good guys and girls) Go across the street and let Dudley talk some sense into you before you make a huge mistake you will regret later,,lol

Anonymous said...

The "good guys", have been, and always will be the Democrats. Leaving early on the 5th for Vegas, then to Tucson, Phoenix, and returning to Hugo Dec. 29th.-BJ

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