Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's Been A Long Year

Really long
Still about 19 days to go
But who's counting???

Got this new trick going about 75%

Don't think anyone has ever done this one
Could be wrong and if I am let me know
It will just be announced as "the most amazing trick ever"
As opposed to "The only trick of it's kind ever performed"

Have to give alot of the credit to Mr. Burck for coaching
me in the training of hind leg tigers
He knows how it works

A friend of a friend from work came in, I never have known what to make of him
He had always seemed to be so insincere to me
I've always been afraid of the twelve step crowd, they laugh to much, talk to loud
Like they all know, where everyone should be
T. Snider


mike swain said...

Casey, Looks great!

Wade G. Burck said...

Congratulations. And thank you for the thought. As important as instruction is, also important is a desire to to learn. I learned a lot, and some folks suggest demeaned my self by asking a lot of question from the "right" people. You are even dressing more like a trainer, and not so much like Mikey Swain. LOL
Wade Burck

mike swain said...

Wade is right the desire to want to learn is very important, but finding someone that will set their own egotistical feelings aside to guide someone to be a better and humane trainer is not found very easy in this field. Hell Wade, come to think of it maybe your not quite the ass everyone says you are????LOL

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Will the wonders never cease. You actually complimented the guy Mike. I figured you would say something like, I figured real tiger "training" apparel would be what the Partridge family would have worn for a guest appearance on hee-haw,,lol

Wade G. Burck said...

Hey Junior Sample and Mikey,
I got your bib overalls right here and when you are done I got your psychedelic tour bus!!!!!
The information has been there for a couple of generations, but most would rather think they don't need it then to seek it that's why they are years behind. And if you look close Mike, there is always a bigger asshole, behind any he/she is an asshole statement. As the great KM Circus rolls into Leavenworth it reminds me of what Buck Owens used to say on Hee Haw. Just because your Daddy made your license plate while he was in prison, that doesn't mean it is personalized.
Wade Burck

mike swain said...

Wade, I never said I wasn't an asshole, but I am ok with it. Now thinking of it my closest friends are assholes...LOL

Wade G. Burck said...

Small world, we have a lot of the same people as friends.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I know you guys aren't counting me. I define cute and charming,,lol

Pat Cashin said...

Hey, Cap'n,

Do me a favor and ask Moss or Royal to give me a call.

Mr. Building Clown

mireille. said...

Mr. Casey McCoy Cainan.

For bean a good friend,
of Wade Burck.
and had a long season.and coming along real great,
14 more days.
I made a little some thing for u.I believed u will like it.
here is my email,
would u please leat me know were to mail it.just give me mail time, 4 or 5 days,
sincerely. Mireille.

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