Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who is Watching Who?

I have noticed something recently.
The ones who say everything is wrong with what you are doing, either are doing something worse, or worse yet, they aren't doing ANYTHING. It goes back to the if you are pointing a finger, you are probably trying to direct attention away from yourself. I have also noticed many things seem wrong to some people, but then they are more then happy to do other things that could be considered wrong by many others. This all boils down to two things
1. We should all be most concerned with what WE ourselves are doing and how it affects others
2. While we are pointing out what everyone else is doing wrong, they are pointing back at us

The picture is from a couple weeks ago with John Ringling North II. His Grand-Mother was the lone sister of the original Ringling Brothers, and I work for him, which I think is cool as hell. He is a great guy to work for, and he is a fan of animals.

I don't want to end up like everyone
Gets a job and just hangs around this town
Spends their whole life living under the gun
Desperately trying to convince themselves
these were the only cards life would deal
I got my goals and I got my dreams
I won't let this wicked world steal


Margaret said...

This is a really nice picture Casey. As for Mr.Finger-Pointing-Not Doing Anything,he'll go to far one day and someone will BITE that pointing finger off.!!.

Anonymous said...

Hey Casey...I didnt know you had your own blog...I love it...great more...!!

Your loving sister-in-law,

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