Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gotta Serve Somebody....

Everybody does.
Sometimes things may even seem self serving,
But you are serving someone just the same.
Bob Dylan wrote a great song along those lines.
The rest of us are living life along those lines. The lines are blurry alot of the time though. I try to be "serving" to my animals, and that takes up most of my time. The left over time, I give to my immediate family, friends, myself, and some Bombay Gin (never to excess). I realized today, I haven't been serving the big picture nearly enough. I am not jumping on a soap box to preach here folks, I am just stating a few thoughts.FACT I haven't been serving the big padre in heaven enough. FACT I haven't been serving the greater good in life. FACT I haven't been serving my industry of trade enough (Circus specifically performing animals) So what am I going to do about this? I haven't got that far into my plan yet. To quote Fred Eaglesmith "things is changing, they aint the same anymore" The service to my industry will be the hardest, as I work in an industry that is dying, and it's pulling the trigger of the gun itself. For years the Circus didn't regulate itself, so now people with no working knowledge of the circus or animals, are regulating it for us. That is only when we are lucky enough that they don't just say "we gave you 200 years to get your shit together, you didn't so it's time for you to just stop doing this" Rules are important in every business. Even this one, but we do every thing from lying cheating and stealing to beat the next guy in this business. What is odd to me is the "Me against the world" attitude prevalent in Circus. Anyway I will put some more thoughts down here later. For now I will run a couple photos of my new hind leg hopping tiger Kali. This is four months into training this behavior.

It may be the devil
Or it may be the Lord
But you're gonna have to serve somebody
Bob Dylan


Steve Robinson said...

Ggreat pictures Casey - thanks!

And the sermon was spot on - same situation here in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hi Casey,
Had no idea you had this site. Very nice. Enjoyed it a lot and will keep checking it out. Tell everyone hello for me. Hope it's going great.
Bill Gowan
Beth says hello!

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