Tuesday, March 06, 2012


The new male tiger cub I picked up is now Zeus
Trying to come up with name for female
Zeus is the most laid back
And tolerant cub I've met


Larry allen Dean said...

Some animals have been named after talented animals as a way to honor their trainers.
Gunther and Jim Clubb often repeated names Like Ceylon, Mauzi(Mowzi),Madras or Menelik ( though I liked Menelik as a name for a Male) or a name of a river or town in India I think works. I like Zeus for a male. Rolls off the tongue easily(as in Zeus you son of a gun or some such epithet)

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I agree. I have always liked the name Zeus for a tiger. This is the second Zeus I've had actually. Thinking of Xena (Zeena) for his sister. Just to keep the system here going. We have Cessar & Casper, Sabel & Sahara, Misty & Mowgli, now Zeus and Xena.
Xena is your typical female tiger cub. Not nearly as much fun as a boy. Flighty and sneaky. I don't mind getting bit so much as one that sneaks up, bites, then runs away. I have more respect for a boy tiger that bites then asks " what are you gonna do about that?".... Lol

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