Saturday, January 07, 2012


Went and got a potjkie pot yesterday
Traditional cast iron cauldron
It used to be standard equipment for the afrikaans living in the bush
They would take whatever meat they may have hunted, throw it in, the put the whole pot right in the fire.
When the meat softened, they toss is whatever veggies and hang the pot a foot or so out of fire to simmer.
Potjkie is still a traditional meal here
They even have potjkie cook offs like the chili cook offs back home.
My first go at it turned out quite nice
I made an easy beef potjkie
I am ready to boil up some ostrich stew or impala now... Haha
The trick is to put everything in at the right time so it is cooked, but not mushy.
Either I'm a natural chef, or I got very lucky, cause potatoes were soft, and the beans slightly crisp...

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