Thursday, October 13, 2011


A buddy of mine suggested on his blog the other day
I shaved my head bald to emulate my hero Tabayara
Although Taba is a great guy, he is definitely not my hero
This same buddy is the one who taught me you can't have any heroes
In the circus biz...

I suggest to my buddy
I maybe figured as good as I train animals AND write songs
I was giving you a handicap, trying to keep it fair

When you are done writing and recording your own soundtrack
To your video, post it and we can compare....HAHA

On a serious note
Been working hard on finishing up this album
So far it has come along great
And this is one of the 12 songs on it


Rebecca Ostroff said...

always honor your matter what, remember what they taught you

Mark Grivel said...

Hi Mr. Cainan,

I met you May of 2010 when the Kelly Miller Circus was in Maryland, and spoke with you during one of the shows about my aspirations to become an animal trainer, and what sort of steps I should take to become one.

I was hoping that you could send me your email address, because I have a few questions for you.
My email address is

Mark Grivel

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Hello Mark,

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