Thursday, August 11, 2011

White Elephant

Me and a bunch of the boys drove down to Fort Worth tues night to play at a Texas Songwriter Showcase held at the White Elephant. The Elephant is one of my favorite bars in the stockyards. Has all kinds of famous peoples hat hanging on the walls and great food. I however do not recommend the Dirty Love Burger, unless you like quail eggs, which I have decided, I do not

Had a great time and we made it back to Paris safely. My buddy Colby Batch made it over from the Ringling show to watch us do our thing, was cool to see him.

Songwriter table: me, CC Cross, Wesley Joe Malone, Justin Cash, Alex Addy

Alex explaining to some nice kids visiting from Britain that it is normal to find hillbillies in Texas with dreadlocks

Cash with his new buddy Dave. After cash convinced him he should leave the uni in London to be a cowboy in Texas...

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