Thursday, August 25, 2011

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Blowout Night for Rock Fest

A slew of people flooded the Depot Saturday, August 20, for Rock Fest. The event is hosted by My Rock 96.5 and the Depot. This week’s lineup included Jennifer Dorsey, Casey Cainan, the Texas Alley Cats, and, the headliner, Alex Addy and the Tambourine Machine. It truly was a very talented group of musicians to entertain the crowd that night. With great local talent and sponsors, an ex-circus ringleader eating fire during the last set, good people, and a great bar, how could it not be a great night? We need more nights like this in Paris, let’s let our culture and community flourish.

Jennifer Dorsey opened the show with her 3 piece acoustic rock band. She had a very unique sound, as well as some very artsy original tunes. She also did some notable covers by great bands like Nirvana and the Cranberries. To check out Jennifer Dorsey visit Following her was the “Circus Man” himself, Casey Cainan. With a sing-along, rock-n-roll style and his classy original songs, Casey was an immediate hit Saturday night. If you like Todd Snider you will love this guy. He trained tigers, owned a few, and performed in the ring with them. Now, after recently retiring from the circus business after tens of years, he’s sold all his tigers and now travels around with his acoustic guitar and plays for the people. He is set to record his upcoming album in the very near future. The Texas Alley Cays then took the stage for a sensational blues performance. The Depot was blown away by their energy and soulful back beat. A very truthful, classic blues act. Don’t find many of them around anymore, and to know they are from your home town of Paris, TX. Rock Fest hopes to have them back very soon. Follow these guys a

Finally, after a welcoming intro by Chad Lindsay from My Rock 96.5, taking the stage to close the night, Alex Addy and the Tambourine Machine stepped up and delivered a spectacular performance in support of their newly released, debut album “Talkin’ About Love”, playing every song off the record for the fans. The album has had great publicity since its release and so has the band with a busy schedule of shows every week for the next couple of months and more keep adding. Playing classic covers like “Beast of Burden” by the Stones and “Only Living Boy in New York” by Paul Simon, combined with their album’s work live, and a newly written, unheard song, makes the Tambourine Machine’s show energetic, enthralling, and ultimately a blast. During the band’s rendition of the oldie, “Funky Town Explosion”, other local artist playing that night, Casey Cainan, stepped to the front of the stage to do some amazing fire tricks, ending with him putting the torches out in his mouth! This really made for a sort of “explosion” as the Depot hasn’t seen the likes of that ever. To listen to their music, buy their album, see upcoming shows, view pictures, or contact the band, find them on Facebook or visit

Long story short, if you missed out on Rock Fest, try and catch the next one. It really is a great thing Chad Lindsay and My Rock 96.5 and the Depot are doing for the community and the local artists. Please come out and support and enjoy your local talent and venues.

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