Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hey...Happy Birthday To Me!...

Hello all,
I am enjoying the beginning of my 36th year on this planet
I am having a tragedy in my family right now
My Aunt Connie has been fighting for her life for about the last year
She needed a lung, got one
Didn't work
Got another
Didn't work
It has been close to a year since she could eat solid food
The whole time strapped to a hospital bed
And now her and my cousin Marla have made what I assume is the
Toughest choice any human can make
They are going to have the Doctors unplug the ventilator tomorrow morning
I know it is probably the best thing to do and will ease the suffering
But it is quite sad and has been hard on alot of people
I am peaceful in knowing that my Grandma and Grandpa will be waiting for her
I am also grateful for all the Doctors have done to try to beat this
Some fights can't be won I guess...
I will always remember playing with my cousins as a child
While we lived in Commerce City, CO
Those were great times in my life
Everything was so simple and great back then
35 years later sometimes it is hard to tell which side is up
I guess that is how it is laid out to work
The longer you are here the more confusing and jumbled everything seems
I used to think everything could be a simple Black or White...
I don't even try to narrow it down to grays any more

I will start posting more circus stuff tomorrow
I have been pretty lazy about the blog lately
Not really training anything new lately
And haven't felt much like talking about much
I do however have a great camera on my iPhone
And I should start using it to document so of the stuff around here...

"I've learned nothing out here on this highway,
But I have been passed by, and I have passed by more then my share of cars,
And I do remember my younger days,
When I was so certain that driving even faster would get me far"
T Snider


DanTheBooker said...

Happy Birthday...

A little ironic. I lost my Auntie Connie to a long battle with cancer on May 9th, 2008.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Casey. Things will become less fuzzy as time goes on. No one knows what the future will hold so just be patient and keep looking ahead for it...I am looking forward to you doing more with the blog as the "other" blogs have become so damned boring they are hardly worth looking
I love ya...

Michael Newton-Brown said...

happy Birthday. So sorry about your family loss.

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