Saturday, March 05, 2011

More practice...

Everyone has settled way down now
Had all the cats loose in the arena today so they could interact
Then we practiced laying down with the whole group
And moving the white cats around the arena
They are very different in the way they are trained
They do not come to the stick like a target
They just run away from it
Nothing that can't be changed though...


adam said...

Just take your time. Retraining cats that were trained that way takes a long time. I should know I have been retraining three cats that were trained that way for the past three years now. And it is still ongoing.


Crystal said...

Casey, I love Khandar already. What a huge gorgeous cat! Once you have him working with you like the others I'm sure he will be perfect!

OH, and thanks for the plethora of offense RY.

Radar said...

None taken Crystal! I love it lol

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