Monday, February 14, 2011

Season Beginnings

The McCoy Tiger Troupe made the successful trip to Brownsville, Texas, for the opening of the Kelly Miller Circus 2011 Edition. Business was great and weather conditions improved tremendously following the 2010 season opening. Our new tiger cub first made a calm and playful introduction with Shonti. Cleo then entered the realm of the big dogs (or cats, if you will) several days later. Everything went smashingly well and she now spends all of her time with the group.


Steve said...

Nice pic mate.

Stay safe out there.

crystal said...

SHE IS SOOOOO CUTE! (and it is capitalized because I do mean to yell it.)

Glad yall have settled well.


Anonymous said...


This is nothing personal against Radar, but I do miss the days, when Casey used to do the blog. Teling us about all his adventures in and outside the circus. He made us feel like we are part of all of this.

Radar said...


So do I.

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