Wednesday, February 23, 2011

New Additions

Casey has made a few new changes to the act. Both were captured on video last night during a show in Roma, Texas. We are about a mile from the Mexican, border on this lot, fighting the heat, wind, dust and natural wildlife - fire ants! The latter has invaded my quarters in the cat wagon during this multiple day stand. If the problem has not been remedied by the jump tomorrow, I plan to fight them with a taste of their own medicine.

"And if I can find a book of matches
I'm goin' to burn this hotel down." //Tom Waits


Tejano said... are much closer than a mile...the international bridge is located just west of you...continue south for 80 feet and you can swim across. :)

Radar said...

I said about! After we received your message, Casey and I traveled down to try and see the river. After about a two mile hike in tall, snake infested grass (which Casey was not fond of) and a stop by Border Patrol, we found the Rio Grande. One of the dogs dove right in to cool herself from the heat. We thought she was going to become a Nationale!

Dick Flint said...

Impressive, especially the topmost video of the jumps over 3 tigers! Holds the audiences' attention by doing a series of related moves--they wonder what's next.
Guess it's time to get back into the habit of daily checking this blog now that the season's beginning.
Hope it'll be easier to catch you in Maryland this year.
Dick Flint

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