Friday, February 25, 2011


Not to much to blog so far here. Business was decent, as is usually the case here. Before the show Radar, Nikki, and I walked over to Barnes & Noble for Starbucks. This is a lot I have played many times over the years. I played it twice the same winter one year with Gopher. After the first show cat act I went for a jog and snapped this pic of the Civic Center. McAllen is my favorite of the valley towns. It has kind of a Latin artsy flair to it. Got back from jog just in time for cookhouse. Chicken Ala King as only Brian lapalme can train and present. I am no fan of chicken, but Brian can even make chicken taste good.

After the shows we made it over to Buffalo Wild Wings for some beer and wings ( I know defeats purpose of jogging) all in all... Good day... If you could look past the fact it was over 90' for most of it

"Could you read my fortune in the bottom of this coffee cup
Can you tell me how to tell when I've had enough"
M Cooley

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