Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Burn Baby Burn

We have had several Anonymous comments as of late. The first one speaks for itself :

"Fire hoop = cruel
Circus = cruel"

At first I would ask one to explain their beliefs regarding the fire hoop, but the second sums it up quite nicely.

Later, another Anonymous posted a link regarding the "Baptism of Fire" in Spain. Rather interesting. I am reserving any comments until I find out more about this practice. Perhaps America's Greatest could share his insight (The kind from North Dakota, not Oklahoma).

Until then, lets regress back to May 2009, the last time fire made its appearance in McCoy's steel bound arena.

PS Miss Georgia Cainan made the deciding vote - new cub is named Cleo! Personally, my vote was for Darla. I spent some time last night looking for a picture of Cleopatra with a tiger. McCoy tells me I would never find one seeing as she was from EGYPT, but I had read in the past she owned one as a pet. Alas, my searching was futile.


Steve said...

Well, I checked out the Baptism of Fire thing in Spain but I have no idea what that's got to do with circus fire hoops.

Radar said...

I do not know either. They were Anonymous comments, not mine. Though after a bit of discussion with Mr. McCoy, I believe the comment "We don't need no stinkin' fire hoops!" was quoting yours truly, shortly after the Courbette fire hurdle was successfully added by Casey to the act in 2009

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