Sunday, January 16, 2011


The McCoy Tiger Troupe has resumed practice for the upcoming 2011 season on the Kelly Miller Circus. A few different tricks will be added, including a pyramid. Several of the cats had never been on a pyramid before nor had some jumped pedestals. By the end of the first hour-long session they were performing like professionals.


Anonymous said...

Looking good Casey.
Bob Kitto

Crystal said...

Fire hoop, fire hoop, fire hoop. PLEASE. Fire makes everything better!

Radar said...

I think that is part of the plan, Crystal :)

Anonymous said...

Fire hoop = cruel

Circus = cruel

Steve said...

What? No snow left? No wonder America's Greatest moved out of ND!

Re the fire hoop, Crystal I agree with you but the act could never tour Australia - fire hoops have been banned in circus animal acts for years.

However, a guard dog display team, or something similar can include a fire hoop as part of their demonstration. Go figure!

Hope 2011 goes real well for you Casey and Radar.

Dick Dykes said...

Very Nice Casey and Radar!
I hope this year I get to visit the show.
Dick Dykes
The Balloonman

Radar said...

What the heck is a guard dog demonstration and what does it have to do with a fire hoop?
Thank you for your wishes. I hear it is very hot right now in your neck of the woods - come visit the States sometime!

Thank you, Balloonman! Hope you are able to make it out this year. Where are you located?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I moved from TX to OK. I have never lived in ND???

Can't imagine who you could have me confused with...hahaha

Steve said...

Casey - think about it for a while!! When he gets here he'll sure as hell remind you!!! LOL

Radar - I'm trying to find little words to describe it to you mate!! Dogs that usually guard Air Force bases [German Sheperds etc] trained to do lots of tricks to entertain people at State Fairs, Dog Shows etc. One of those tricks is to jump through a fire hoop. Shows how good a trainer is to train the trick and how brave the dog is to jump through the fire.

In Australia, the dogs are permitted to jump through the fire hoop at an Agricultural Show [Fair] but no dog [or lion or tiger] is allowed to do this trick in a circus. Sorry about using the word "trick". I was going to say "behaviour" but it's three syllables and I didn't want to make it too hard for you!! LOL

I'll get over there one day but not for a while now. It's as hot as Hades here now but we're just coming out of the worst floods in living memory. We're OK but a lot of people have lost their homes and some even lost their lives. Nobody is spending money on visiting zoos so business is crap.

Or does CMC pay you so good that you were going to buy the tickets for us!!

Only kidding mate - stay safe and have fun in 2011.

Hey Casey - any more spray painting this year?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Oh...I think I got it. You are referring to the Garden Hose Cowboy Mr. Burck. Don't tell me his "Americas Greatest" B.S. has reached even to OZ. No wukkas mate, that wanker has buffaloed many here as well. I am just surprised a man of your age would buy into it. I expect it from the Radars out there...LOL
Stay safe and dry. I just pissed off half the circus world in your neck of the woods by pointing out you can't have a tsunami in a river. But all kidding aside, those look like some awful floods there. Hope you are on high ground.

Anonymous said...

Firehoop? we don't need no stinking firehoop

Steve said...

Jeez - the anonymouses have turned up here too!! Anonymouse=gutless.

I've got to humour Mr B. Us oldtimers have to look out for each other.

Looking back at this today I think I might have been a bit harsh on my young mate Radar. It's just the Aussie sense of humour mate - don't take it to heart.

That tsunami wasn't even in a river - it was two creeks that got together in a town of 100,000 people 600 metres above sea level after an almighty localised thunderstorm. We've never seen anything like it. We are OK but a helluva lot of people aren't.

Steve said...

PS: Where did you piss off half the Aussie circus world?

Is there a site that I don't know about?

Email me if necessary:



Radar said...

I work for Mr. M who learned a more than just tiger training from Mr. B. No worries, Steve. I did not take it to heart lol

Anonymous said...

You had something different by not working with a bunch of props. Now you put in a PYRAMID ! Geez
How freakin boring.
Maybe towners expect it and it will lengthen the act. Go figure.

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