Thursday, December 02, 2010

Zoo Trippin

I visited the Caldwell Zoo several weekends ago and spent the day enjoying a personal behind-the-scenes tour by keeper and friend Christy Nitz. We hung out in the elephant barn, fed rhinos and giraffes, enjoyed cheetah cub play time and feeding time and finished the day with elephant feeding. I had a fantastic time and viewed one of the largest elephants in the country. The zoo has some very nice exhibits, several Hagenbeck-style where it appears the both predator and prey share the same space. They also exhibit a sibling pair of tigers originally from the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana. The brother was a white with black stripes and the sister a snow white tiger, the first I have ever seen in person.


Mary Ann said...

Radar, thank you for posting the picture of the beautiful sibling pair of white tigers at the Caldwell Zoo originally from the Alexandria Zoo in Louisiana, and for mentioning that the brother is striped white and the sister is snow white. The lion pair is gorgeous too.
Mary Ann

Mary Ann said...

P.S. The lions have a very nice exhibit, and so do the leopards.
Mary Ann

Crystal said...


Kind of jealous I didn't go. :( Thats why school is lame. Caldwell zoo isn't too far so I will have to visit some day soon.

Glad you came for a visit. Now where is that blog entry?

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