Saturday, December 18, 2010

Peppers II

Radar has been letting the blog slide lately
So I figured I would put up some of whats going on
In the Paris Metroplex area

These are videos from Peppers II in Paris
They host an open mic every Sunday that is worth catching
I have played at this bar when it was called at least three
Different names Dillons, Hareleys, and now Peppers II
It draws some really good song writers to its open mics

Here is Wesley Joe Malone doing his song Dull Knife

And Michael Oneal doing Pat Haney's Nursing Home

And Myself doing Todd Snider's Broke


Been playing alot lately
And watching alot lately as well...

Your mouth is smiling but your eyes are looking sad....why?


Tejano said...


If you ever get down to San Antonio..check out Casbeers (I may have noted this already). They have open mike on some night and book some pretty good musical groups. Plus, good food. When I am in San Antonio, I make it a point to go there at least once. (

Tejano said...

So, I am watching a movie entitled Texas Rangers (2001) and I think I have seen the first instance of the Kelly Miller circus coming to S Texas.

In the first part of the movie, a red wagon pulling a cart with a cage is traveling across the plains. The two people driving the red wagon are part of a circus, she is a juggler, he, apparently a tiger handler as in the cage is a tiger. This has to be Casey's great great grandfather!

Yup..the KM circus started coming to S Texas in the late 1870s. :)

Radar said...


*In a loud and obnoxious voice*


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