Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The McCoy Tiger Troupe returned home home for the at the end of October; the 2010 season has come and gone. The tigers will enjoy the compound for several months, worry free until we track back out for the Valley in February. All five of our tigers share a large yard and barn together. It is an amazing site to look out my window in the still darkness of the night and see the tiger yard illuminated, cats laying around on their backs or other contorted and seemingly uncomfortable positions sleeping soundly.


Steve said...

Have a good rest guys and, Radar, we're waiting for some action on your elephant blog!!

Radar said...

I am working on it Steve! :)

I isited the Caldwell Zoo last weekend with their four elephants, and visiting a few places this weekend with a lot more. I'll take everyone on a tour of Texas elephants...

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