Sunday, October 03, 2010

Raja's Television Debut!

Casey and I are deeply grateful for a priceless gift we received a few days ago. Tejano found a copy of Raja's television debut during our tour of the Valley in Brownsville, McAllen and other nearby Texas town.

I remember like it was yesterday his trip to the station in the back of Casey's pickup in my lap. We expected him to act like a wild beast on his first road trip, but he behaved like a fine gentleman. He slept on my lap the entire way and walked into the building and through the studio as if he owned the place. If anyone is interested, a tiger cub works WAY better than a baby or a dog to use as a chick magnet!

The cast and crew of the studio were all enamoured with Raja and we spent the majority of the time as a photo opportunity for the personnel. Casey talked a lot about the circus and our time here, the acts to see and the fun times to enjoy. The funniest part was watching the broadcast afterwards that evening, when they do not show him or use his interview at all.

Hope everyone enjoys - we cannot thank Tejano enough for sending this. Raja's segment begins around the :53 mark.

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Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Oh yeah....that was real funny Radar....So funny I rogot to raff...haha

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