Sunday, October 31, 2010

Great Halloween Party, Part I

The Kelly Miller Great Halloween Party 2010 was a smash hit, with much more fun and participation than last year. Once again there was a costume contest and pumpkin carving contest with big cash prizes. This year games were added as well. Fortunately the weather cooperated and everyone had a blast. There are too many pictures to post all at once; we will continue again with more of the hijinks and chicanery.

Casey and Georgia
"The KM Queen Bee and Dorothy"

Dar and Delena Fusco
"Indiana Jones and Avatar"

Adrian Poema and Dar
"Cap't Jack Sparrow and Indiana Jones"

Steve and Ryan
"The Blue Man Group"

Jody Sentel and Nikki Ogle
"Pirate Wench and Cruella DeVille"

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