Saturday, September 04, 2010


A few pictures of me working the act over the last few days.
Many thanks to Kerri McMullen for the great shots. You can follow her blog at "Definition by Pixels".

The last shot is courtesy of Valerie Berta Torales. You can follow her daily blog at "The Mudshow Diaries".


Mary Ann said...

Radar, you're looking good and so are the cats. Casey is a fantastic teacher and you are an excellent student. We wish you the best.
Joe & Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

I love reading the blog! I am so excited to take our daughter to her first circus when you guys are in Washington, Mo on Oct. 10th. I was sorry to hear about Raja.


Radar said...

Thanks Tim. Hope you enjoy the show in St. Louis

Mary Ann, Thank you so much for the videos and the photos. I changed email addresses so I just saw them the other day. I will send you my updated email. Always a pleasure when you two visit.

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