Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Dog Days

The McCoy Animal Stable experienced a double loss last Saturday.
Chelsea, one of Natalie's American Eskimo dogs, was euthanized. She had been with Natalie for over eleven years and was one of the three dogs in her original act. Time and age had taken its toll on the great performer.

Not much is said on the blog about Natalie's dog act, but this is not to diminish the quality of life they experience and the hours that Natalie puts in daily for their care, training and husbandry. I have never seen animals given better care than hers. The hours spent cleaning, grooming, practicing, and daily maintenance demonstrates the love Natalie has for her animals and the dedication she gives to not only her job but her pets as well. In addition, her dogs have more space per capita than any other animal on the Kelly Miller Circus.

A quote from animal trainer Trudy Strong:
"The best thing about having a dog act is that it gives you an excuse to be with your dogs so much, you train them, feed them, groom them, pick up after them, love them, but you never learn how to loose one. I'm so sorry to hear about Chelsea. She was sure one of a kind!"




So sorry to read about Chelsea, after 11 years with a special dog, they become part of you.
I keep you and your family in my prayers.


Natalie Cainan said...

WOW! What can I say? That was so nice of you to put up. Thank you so much for the kind words an funny pictures of my guys! It really meant a lot!! Thanks again!! Chelsea is sorely missed!

Mary Ann said...

Natalie, although Joe and I had the honor of meeting you only a couple of weeks ago, we extend our sincere sympathy on the loss of your beloved Chelsea.
Joe & Mary Ann

Michael Newton-Brown said...

It always hurts. Each one has a special place. I'm so sorry to hear about Chelsea. I hope you pain will ease soon into a special place in your heart full of warm memories.

Trey said...

Ah man! Its always a huge blow to loose a pet. I lost my dog Nikkidemus a few years ago. So I know how that feels. He was my buddy for along time!

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