Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to America's Own

We welcome the newest member to the America's Own Bar & Grill, Captain Monterrey Jack. A gift from Carol Thompson during her recent visit, he makes a nightly appearance and fuels the "drinking and libations" nightly experienced. The Cap't also demonstrates we are a classy establishment with the $26 dollar bottle of Jameson, a fine Irish Whiskey. No cheap plastic bottles of Vodka allowed in our midst (it is made from Communism anyways).

Mike and Carolyn Rice were kind enough to provide me with a jacket for a second wardrobe costume. Mike wore the jacket when he worked cats in the past and I will now wear it in the steel arena as well. Very graciously, Nikki altered it for me to fit for size and removed the sleeves as well to make it into a vest. She worked many hours over days to complete it and I debuted the costume yesterday.

We also would like to extend a welcome to the newest member of the McCoy Animal Stable, Sophie! Casey took his life into his own hands capturing this wild beast, a stray kitten living off scraps at a gas station we stopped at during the jump. He only suffered minor scratches but fortunately his Tetanus booster is up to date. She is Georgia's new pet and is adapting to home life rapidly - cute as a button as well.

To finalize the 'America's Own' theme today, we bring you Raja. I sleep five feet from the cats at night - literally. This is the view from my living quarters in the tiger trailer. Raja was checking out the barbeque happenings outside the door. That's right, he has a rooom with a view, as do I.


Natalie Cainan said...

You're improving every show...keep up the good work!

Radar said...

Thank you very much. I am very grateful to you and Casey for everything, and thanks you to I might be able to eventually style properly one day! lol
Hey BYJ, the message I received... Your White Tops reviews and etc don't impress me. They recently reviewed Casey's act as well. According to the review, our tigers do it all, including "jumping through hoops." We have not done that trick in a few years around here, other than teaching the cub to do it just for the heck of it. I'll take a bit more stock in what the professionals say (both positive and negative feedback) regarding your limited tenure, my boss's fantastic achievements up to this point and forward on, and the beginning of my career.

Crystal Eng said...

Who is BYJ????

Cute kitty!!!! Maybe start Little Bear with a little cat act until she graduates up...should have picked ocelots or something. =P

Hope you are all well!

Radar said...

Thanks Crystal!
BYJ knows who he is... he will get no advertising here.
We are expecting a visit from you soon - only nine weeks left! Much less than vet school, so you can take a few days off from that.

Crystal said...

Well if BYJ isn't a big deal to you, probably nothing for me. =)

On the visiting...well I am currently struggling with getting permission to miss a half day of school because apparently vet students aren't responsible enough to be treated like adults. Nor is my vet school being fully supportive of me leaving to present scientific research related directly to veterinary medicine (hypocrisy much)?

Apparently they don't love elephants like we do.

Radar said...

The hypocrisy! The injustice! The shame!
Hope things turn around for you Crystal.

Dick Dykes said...


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