Saturday, August 14, 2010

Growing up...

Casey is working to prepare me for presenting the act in the show soon. In an effort to find me some wardrobe, he had me try on his Clyde Beatty style costume. It was a bit large and awkward for me. Thankfully Natalie said it was not going to work and she would work on something different. I owe her big time!

A picture for Chic Silber demonstrating the situp without props or an arena behind them to keep the tigers from blowing out of the trick. This follows the five tiger wheel, laydown and rollover. Previously Chic had only seen the laydown/situp at the front of the arena. Casey posted a picture of that trick a few days ago where Raja is following suit and learning what to do.

Finally, a few pictures of Raja. He is getting big very quickly. It is obvious he will outsize the girls, though at this point they can still put him in his place if he gets a little too rambunctious.


Steve said...

Congratulations Radar. Hope it all goes real well.

Couple of quick questions - has Mr Hall had a look at the off side of that trailer in back of your Clyde Beatty photo?

In the Beatty photo, what were you looking at?

Is Raja's right eye a bit wonky?

Thanks mate - all the best.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...


1.Yes J C Hall saw it. I had to call him when it started tearing there...haha it is structuraly sound now, but the skin needs replaced over the door when we get home. Door was put in poor place by manufacturer.

2.Radar is looking into his boot hoping to catch a last glimpse at his dignity...haha

3.Slightly wonky maybe. More then anything at the time of that picture he was recovering from a cheeky whallop to the eye from one of the girls, inner lid was half closed a few days like a black eye.

Hope all is well down under...

Radar said...

Thanks for the congrats. We will see how things go.
As far as any comments Mr. Cainan may have about shame, embarrassment or public humiliation, I was actually trying to watch my step in boots that were six sizes to large for me. Plus, I did not know he was taking a picture. I only posted it so that he could not take pleasure in my further harassment LOL

Crystal said...

Lovely! Great pics Ry!

Radar said...

Thank you Crystal

Kerri B. McMullen said...

Congrats Radar! I am bummed that I was not close enough to get photos of you though. Hopefully the next time I am around though.
Good luck:)
PS- and have LOTS of fun. When it is not fun anymore, more on to something else!

Radar said...

I just completed my fifth day working the act in the show, so hopefully there will be many more.
I love my job and have no desires to leave. Towner life, I have found, is not for me.

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