Saturday, May 01, 2010

Musical Youtubes...

I have been playing with the music thingy on Youtube
I can't help it, I dig technology
I also dig tigers doing tricks
This gave me a way to put them together

Then some folks told me the music was to elevatorish...

So I came up with this...

A little more rockin

Business has been good
Finally got some rain today
We were on a great stretch of great weather
Sposed to storm on and off all weekend
Pulled off lot last night to avoid mud in morning
Drove ten miles into the jump and parked at a Super Wally
Got the Karl Rove book "Courage and Consequence"
So far it is a good read
I ended up not liking the Bush administration much
But Mr. Rove points out some really interesting things in this book


Crystal said...

Like the video blogging with music!

Tejano said...

Casey, music was better but the quality of the video was not as good.

Rose said...

Let's hope that what happens with the county is as upbeat as the music you've chosen, and as well developed as your act.

If the direction of our country is as well done as your act: we all have no worries for the future.

Dick Flint said...

Forget the music (and the video quality on the second), what's impressive is the act. That backwards hind leg walk around the arena is steady and very nice! Also, the choreographed backwards and forwards hind leg walks with all five.
Casey, when will the show make it to Maryland? Will be nice to see all of you again. Hi to Natalie!
Dick Flint
P.S. Given the comments of Rose, how 'bout "Casey for President!"

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