Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Year and a Half In the Works...

You can look back through the blog
And see the steps and time it has taken to
Get to this point

I am not finished with this trick by any stretch
I feel confident we are no were near the physical maximum
But when I started training this I had this as my goal
Now it is time to move the bar...

I am so proud of this tiger
She has been one of the greatest animals I have
Been lucky enough to train


Tejano said...

Great job!! That cat is doing magnificent! Keep it up!

Circuslover said...

congratulations, this is nice very nice. Hope we'll see more of tricks like this the next years..


Crystal said...

woohoo! Nice job Casey!

mike swain said...

Very nice Casey. You put you time in shaping this behavior. How many others have trained this? Does anybody else have this behavior in their cat act today?

Steve said...

She is a good cat and doesn't appear to have reached her limits yet. Will be interesting to see how far you can all go together.

Do you anticipate any problems within the group when Rajah hits puberty?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thank you, everyone.

No I don't. He is a well mannered beast now. I plan to keep him a well mannered beast for ever. Not allowing him to do bad things while he is "cute and cuddly" will carry over to when he is older. The girls already have great manners, so I don't anticipate any problems at all.

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