Friday, April 02, 2010

Step One...

Color the eggs...

The kids had egg coloring today
Instead of school
Getting ready for the big Easter egg hunt and
First Annual Easter Bonnet Competition!!!

I feel like a sure bet on winning that
But there is gonna be some strong competition...

Business has been GREAT in OK and AR so far
Which is nice after the less then stellar start in TX
TX wasn't bad
But it wasn't as strong as last season
This part of the tour has been HUGE compared to last year
And dare I mention the weather?.?.?


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Rose said...

Easter is a wee bit different at KM, I see. There are Easter eggs and Easter bonnets- but where you are it's tigers that jump and (at least some of those eggs) will be found by Radar.

(as opposed to the traditional method)

A very happy Easter to you, and your entire family, Casey. Thank you for sharing your world with us.

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