Friday, April 16, 2010

The Rule or the Exception?

"I would love it to be the rule and not the exception," said Pat Derby, PAWS president and founder. "Circus animals never have a nice day. The worst zoo in the world is not as bad as the best circus."

I read this quote this morning in a news article regarding the ban of circus animals in Bolivia, the most comprehensive law of its kind in the world. As I sit here, its a beautiful seventy five degree day. The tigers are sleeping on the carpet of green grass in the compound, lounging in their pools, grooming one another, basking in the sun, cooling in the shade, or whatever they so desire. Soon they will all eat, without needing to fight over their portions or hanging off a wildebeest ass while its screaming, "I ain't even dead yet!"

It escapes me to believe they would rather live in a Chinese tiger factory, harvested for traditional medicine and liquor. Well cheers to you, Pat, with a glass of tiger wine. Our cats ungraciosly decline your offer.


tom said...

Do you know this ex-sperts background. She and her husband had movie animals (Mercury cougar) Absolutely horrible living condition. Worse care. Then there was there "zoo" north of Santa Barbara. This is THE person who should not be allowed even a pet rat.

Michael Newton-Brown said...

Great post, and video. Yep, I'd like their life.

Angela H. said...

Hey Casey, This is Angela, Phil's sister. Ur site is awesome. Heard the show was looking for a teacher. Let me know. Phil has my number. let me know. Keep up the GRRRRRRRRReat work. Love and hugs to the kids.

Wade G. Burck said...

FYI I don't think tigers eat wildebeasts. Dead or alive. You probably meant to say nilgi. LOL Be safe, Pal.
Wade Burck

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

I let the scribe (Radar) write this post. I would never assume tigers to eat anything but cow, horse, pig, chicken, and an occasional unlucky possum that wanders into the yard. Radar is quoting Kat Williams comedy bit about the San Francisco tiger escape I think....LOL

Radar said...

This is true. However, I think Katt was onto something when he used the wildebeest metaphor. "Hanging on the back of a nilgi's ass" does not carry quite the same connotation, especially to the John Q public that seem to have trouble telling the difference between lions and tigers at times.

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