Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!!

The votes have come in on the first annual
Kelly Miller Circus Easter Bonnet Comp.

1st place for beautiful...

1st place creative...

1st place funny...

Wish I had gotten a shot of this hat while Johnny was wearing it
It had hunters in the back sneaking up on the bunny
It was close competition
Except in the creative bracket
Marianna Poema got that hands down with her model circus bonnet
It was great...

Other hats competing...

I personally think these two were the big winners for cute...

But I guess that would be biased

After the hats
The kids had an Easter egg hunt
With big cash prizes
And candy...

This of course was Genevieve's first Easter
She seemed to like it, but she has gotten very shy lately

Every one have a great Easter
We are about to go chow down at the Ozark Restaurant
Another tradition of Kelly Miller Circus
We all go eat together
Should be a blast and I will try to get a few pics

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Crystal said...

Great hats! Happy Easter to the fam and thanks for sharing the pictures!

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