Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Raja Media Mogul...

Took little Raja into the Univision/Fox studio today
A little PR for the show
Good plug for the whole Rio Grande Valley
Raja was a little champ
Slept in the truck the whole drive over
And then slept a little more on the studio stage

Our spot will air tonight on channels 48 and 2 in the Rio Grande Valley
May be able to watch it online
If I figure out where I will post it...


Jack Ryan said...


Good job. You and Rajah both look great.

Good PR. Got to put the butts in the seats.


Tejano said...

If you want that vid of Rajah..


if you use mozilla...it has a vid downloader.

the vid is under entertainment report

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Thanks, but I still can't find it. I watched the video of todays entertainment report. Was just about movies and a director who got kicked off a plane. Did you see the tiger in the report? I was hoping someone at least saw it once live,,,LOL

The Old Timer said...

That URL worked for me way up here in Birmingham, Michigan. Rajah and www.bestcircus.com came through just fine.

Mireille. said...

You do have a great start. this is wonderful.
The more PR...the beter...
and cogratulation on the new little member Rajah.
your Family is geting biger...
take good care.
sincerely Mireille...

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