Saturday, January 30, 2010

It Is Time...

Well the end of the off season is upon us
Bitter sweet describes it best
As much as I love being on the road and working
This has been a great winter
Due mostly to having Radar here
My right hand guy!
Because of him being here Nat and I have finally
Been able to go out on dates
He is not only decent at taking care of tigers....haha
He is great with the girls
So we have had a sitter when need be
I have taken Nat out more this winter then all the winters we have
Been married combined
It has been great

I haven't played as many gigs as I would have liked to
But that is because I have been busy with so much other stuff
It has been great to have Radar for those also
Since he is a great designated driver on open mic night
And thankfully he seems to really like Texas music!
ANd we have some great music in Paris
Some awesome songwriters for sure

Last night I had a gig at Harleys due to a cancellation
Was a good night with a decent crowd
That seemed to be listening
It did kinda throw me off that there were couples dancing
I don't really consider my music "dancable"
I guess I was wrong, cause they were two steppin away to it

I was heart broke that as manu times as I have played here
My name was spelled like that
Especially since they got the hard name right (Cainan)
But it turned out there is a lack of letters for the sign

Radar and I are heading up to Hugo
To finish our new tiger cage
I will have pics of it soon
And hopefully pics of a new tiger



Anonymous said...

Im so happy and proud to see your name on that billboard...even if they did spell it have done well for yourself and Im glad that you get to do something else that you enjoy AND are good at...I hope I can dance to one of your songs one day...
Your loving sister in law,

Crystal said...

Today in Microbiology we learned about Lyme pretty much occurs in the NE coast...some around the great lakes,but MAINLY NE coast. FYI.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Were you not watching the blog last summer? I already went a round with Lyme Disease, and whooped it!

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