Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Work Work Work...

Been a lot of that going around at WQs
Lots of painting
The Perez got two semi trailers painted red this week
Those two trailers are anxiously awaiting Bob Rawls
He will letter them up again after New Years
Then it was my turn in the paint shop
Can finally unveil a pic of the new beast trailer

Isn't she a beauty?
The Great White Whale
I think the paint job turned out great
This trailer has a living quarters in the fifth wheel for Radar
Then a room for the dogs and dog props
And plenty of space for adding some cats
At least one this year
Prolly three

Have been playing and seeing a lot of live music
Last Thursday Nat and I went to the Open Mic
At T-bones in Denison
The next night we went back to see my good buddies
Michael Oneal, Shad Blair, and Travis "Billygoat" Brink
GREAT SHOW!! Some of the best songwriters in TX
Saturday Radar and I saw the same show here in Paris
At Buffalo Joe's
Great again...
Only even better because after telling Mo,Shad,and Travis
About Radar's ridiculous fear of coyotes
Travis dedicated a Fred Eaglesmith tune to "Coyote Boy"
Called "I Shot Your Dog"
About a guy shooting his neighbors dog cause he thought it was
A coyote that had been stealing chickens
Sunday night Radar and I were down at the "Songwriters Showcase"
It has been at Dillon/Harleys every Sunday
I played a bunch of song including a few that I hadnt done
In public yet

Sunday morning Georgia Grace Cainan was baptized
At Providence Baptist Church
Nat joined the church officially a couple weeks ago
It is a great church
I have enjoyed it alot
Nat has been going there for a couple winters now

Today I plan to paint the first of three tractors for the show
Everyone wish me luck...
I am confident they will turn out great
I have been studying auto body online for a awhile now
Trying to learn all the do's and dont's
I will post some pictures of my first attempt this week
If it goes well it should save the show a lot of money

If you don't hear from me before Christmas...
Merry Christmas Ya'll!!!!


Jack Ryan said...

Really gorgeous new rig for the beasts, Casey!

Congratulations and Merry, Merry!


Steve said...

The Great White Whale looks great alright but watch that overhang going over gutters or swinging into tight lots!!! The whale might lose a tail!! LOL

Good luck with the painting and even better luck with the proposed newcomers. Do you have a limit that you are aiming for?

From us here in Australia to the Cainans we wish you a happy family Christmas and bigger and better achievments in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Thats a big-a** trailer!!! Who is driving that, you or Nat?

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

Tractor painting turned out great. As far as a limit on additions, I think the most I could fit in trailer is three more. Not above rounding up another rig though,,,LOL

I will prolly drive the beast trailer, however the new house trailer is not much shorter.

Casey McCoy Cainan said...

And Merry Christmas Jack and Steve!!!

Paul H. said...

Casey & family; A Merry Christmas to all of you and a safe and prosperous 2010. Hope to see you down the road!

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