Sunday, September 27, 2009

Circo Hermanos Vasquez

Where do circus folk spend their Saturday nights? At another circus!

Last night the majority of performers from Kelly Miller visited Circus Vasquez, a hispanic show. Armando and his wife Natalia were gracious enough to let me ride with them after rides and load up was finished. We missed the first few acts, but still made it in time to see a great show and some great acts.

At first glance driving to the lot and walking in the tent, a neat, clean and professional operation is the first thought that comes to mind. Once relaxed in the comfortable stadium seating packed to the brink, the energy and enthusiasm from both the performers and the audience are enthralling and infectious. There is no "march of death" and everyone is smiling enjoying their profession. I must admit I was a little lost on the clown gags of Pastelito and ringmaster direction (my Spanish is limited to three years of schooling and KM work crew education), though the off-color white guy jokes were still amusing. Some of the acts we saw included Russian Ekaterina Karmasova on the single trapeze, juggler Jose Alberto, plenty of beautiful showgirl dancers and a mixed animal act consisting of two horses, two Bactrian camels, a miniature pony and a zebra presented by Klaus Dieter of Germany.
After I was told by several people not to expect much from the cat act, I was not disappointed by the few amount of tricks performed by the three white tigers. Trained by Aldo Vasquez, there was a fire hoop, a few sit ups, a lay down, a mirror ball and what we will call a hind leg walk "in progess." The elephant act, presented by George Hanneford, included a spindel, tubs, over the garden wall and skipping.

Standing out among the animal acts, the horse riders were one of the most impressive events of the show. The Kamvarov Kozacs from Kyrgyztan can be described as acrobats on horses. The men and women flipping and sailing around their steeds resembled the rest of the show, very high speed and energetic.
We had a good time visiting with Armando's brother and Patsy's uncle after the show and stopped at the elephant compound to speak with George Hanneford for a few minutes. We were hoping to visit UniverSoul Circus tonight but our showtimes are about the same.

A few pictures of the show before I was told "No pictures allowed!" Seriously? And before I get any comments about this being a "family blog," I posted the last one for Mr. Wade Burck. Enjoy.


Wade G. Burck said...

I have refreshed it, and there is still no picture. I have naked pictures of your girlfriend that are better then that. You should have asked, and I would have downloaded one for you. Geez
Wade Burck

Radar said...

I hate you Wade

GaryHill said...

I kinda like you posting that picture for Wade!:)

Wade G. Burck said...

Then send the download back, or delete it. No hard feelings.
Wade Burck

Bob Kelmer said...

Hey in Circus Vargas--did the clowns have whistles? Working on new gags and just was wondering----lol

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