Saturday, August 08, 2009

Old Friends...

Had a couple great visits this week
Dick Kohlrieser came by in Woodville OH.
Sat around before the act and traded stories and lies
Dick is a great guy, and America's Favorite Dog Catcher
Then the next day in Sylvania OH.
Phil Hendricks (*****) came by
Phil and his wife Annie spent the whole day on the lot
And stayed afterward for the Bar B Q
They have a brand new shiny baby just a little
Older then Genevieve
We traded even more stories and lies
Phil and I did a few tours of duty together
On the Gopher show
A show that creates many stories
Some good
Some not so much
But if you live through it all
It seems hilarious
I am very upset with myself for not remembering to
Get out the camera and get some pics of Phils' kid
Arm wrestling with mine
Crowds were less then stellar in Woodville
Average in Sylvania

We had some visitors from the Toledo Zoo at the Bar B Q
In Woodville
They didn't stay long
I got the vibe maybe we made them uncomfortable
Maybe not...

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Crystal said...

What the stories and lies at AOBG's made zoo folk uncomfortable...unbelievable!


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