Friday, August 21, 2009


Two parts green
I was very green today
A term I am already starting to hate
Used for anything recycled
I went to an appliance recycle joint today
To get rid of my worthless fridge
It was more of a pain in the keester then
Throwing it in a dumpster
But I went the extra mile to prevent hydro-chloro whatever
From eating away our ozone
And I got 5 bucks and some change on the deal
For about an hour and a half of screwing around

Second green
Green Radar and the Green Tigers
Walking on their hind legs
Here are a couple videos from today
He is doing the whole act now minus
The shoulder stand (which he won't be doing)
And the three hind legs together (too dangerous for him)
He is doin well at keeping a good distance between him and the
Hind leg cats
To far away = they come down
To close = they reach out and touch someone
He seems to have a good feel for it already

Tora backwards straight

Sumsara backwards circle

And the hind leg jump with Jai

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