Friday, July 24, 2009


So today we drug another ramp in the tent
This prop is becoming too much
But I was very happy with Jai walking up the incline
Within the first 10 mins
She is a champ!

And yes...
When it is hot I wear shorts and flip flops to practice
But always lucky flip flops or it would be dangerous


Margaret said...

....Lucky Flip-Flops..LOL..I can tell you've not had much hot weather..Hence the tanned neck and lower arms, and fish-belly white torso....

Dion said...

Enough already. Your making cat training look too easy. Better you say the incline walk took the best part of a month of practice.
OH, and cost you several more scars in the process.

Ryan Easley said...

Please someone get him to wear a shirt!

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